Christina Ochoa: Creator. Christina is an actress and science communicator.  Grand niece of Nobel Prize winner Severo Ochoa, and daughter of acclaimed Spanish sculptor Victor Ochoa, her entire life she was surrounded by members of both the scientific and artistic world. After graduating she went on to study Oceanographic Engineering at Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria, off the coast of Africa in the Canary Islands and advanced Marine Biology studies in James Cook University in Australia. She soon after started gaining increasing interest in performance arts and writing. She has since successfully worked on both mediums consistently.
She has worked in theater, TV (including Robert Rodriguez's MATADOR, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Modern Family and Spain's: La que se avecina), as well as films including STAY WITH ME (Produced by QE) which has won awards in numerous Film Festivals, and online content under the banner of: KNOW BRAINER.
She created QE (Quantum Entanglement) Productions in early 2011.  Her first published work was featured in Vogue Spain. She has regular spreads featured in H and other publications, where she focuses on profile pieces and book reviews. She also has a monthly film column in El Imparcial. Find out more about Christina on: www.ChristinaOchoa.com.





Diliana Deltcheva:  Director. Diliana is an Exec. Producer at QE Productions and producer for Framework Studio. She works with clients such as Universal, Viacom, A&E , Panasonic and Timberland Apparel through various theatrical marketing and branding projects.
Her involvement with QE was more recent. She collaborates with founder Christina Ochoa and producer Wendy Cucho in developing and producing creative content in all forms: broadcast, short, documentary, and full length.  She has worked with industry professionals such as producers Rajan Patel and Wayne Carmona and directors: Peter Farrely, Jake Kassdan, George Cawood, Sammy Mosher, Ross Ching and Neal Brennan.
The daughter of Olympic gold medalist, Stoyan Deltchev, she was raised in a family of professional gymnasts.  At a young age Diliana was drawn to the arts, specifically dance. She studied ballet in her home country, Bulgaria, and after moving to the US she trained in contemporary, modern and hip-hop and began choreographing for stage and the screen.  She has worked with various dance studios and choreographed for college teams, short movies and music videos. Her work can also be seen on the New Girl and Sing Off Opening titles. Find out more information about Diliana on http://dilianadeltcheva.com.